Why Kāpiti Goodies?

We believe in the power of our community and want to positively impact the Kāpiti Coast by helping to grow a sustainable local food ecosystem.

Kāpiti Goodies launched in 2018 after visiting local markets for a while and discovering all the great products from our beautiful region. So we thought, why not create a painless online shopping experience for goods made in Kāpiti to have them delivered to people’s homes and local businesses with minimal impact on the environment?

Meet our electric cars

Thanks Kapiti Cars for making electric cars affordable locally!

All Kāpiti Goodies are personally delivered by us using an electric car which is powered by 100% renewable energy (thanks SolarCityEcotricity, and ChargeNet). In addition to food items, we also strive to source as much material as possible from local suppliers, e.g., the wooden boxes for our gift baskets are handmade out of recycled pallet wood by The Shed Project in Paraparaumu.

Who is behind Kāpiti Goodies?

We’re a husband and wife team from Waikanae:

Valerie & Timo Reitnauer
  • Valerie Reitnauer took a break from her career in hotel management after having a child in 2015. During this break, the idea of Kāpiti Goodies was born, and she started to reach out to small local food producers who were keen to get on board. Valerie is also a qualified personal trainer specialising in training programmes for new mothers.
  • Timo Reitnauer has worked in internet businesses overseas and locally. After spending the last ten years building domain registrar iwantmyname, he is eager to apply his knowledge to a local company making a difference to small businesses and people in Kāpiti.

Collaborations and shoutouts